Donut You Just Love These #NationalDonutDay Picks?!

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Forgive me for going all Homer Simpson on you, but "mmmmm... doooonuts."

Sorry! I just can't help myself. I absolutely L-O-V-E those sugary, flaky, frosted, sprinkled deep-fried delights! Chocolate, glazed, coconut-crusted, or strawberry-flavored, I don't discriminate. Give me a bottomless cup of coffee, and I will eat #allthedonuts.

My kids are big fans too. On Friday mornings, we go for a stroll and enjoy a weekly "donut date" at our local coffee shop. It's a special way to kick off the weekend. (TGIDonutDay!)

And whether you spell it "donut," or prefer the more formal "doughnut," there's no denying that these tasty treats are trending in a totally major way. Yes, you can now have your dessert and eat it—or wear it, or rest your head on it, or play a game of catch with it— too.

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It's National Donut Day, and I plan on making my usual Friday breakfast even more special. My little lady went to bed last night in her Carter's donut-print pajamas, and I won't bother changing her out of this scrumptious ensemble until well after our morning excursion... Because, well, it really doesn't get any sweeter than matching your favorite snack.

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To celebrate a day of frosted freebies (seriously, plot out your attack!), I've rounded up 16 super cute, kitschy, and trendy donut finds for the whole family. Enjoy these—calorie-free... unless of course you plan on floating around the pool with a donut in-hand... That's how I usually do it. So, yeah, DONUT DISTURB—I get cranky coming down from mega sugar high.

1. Donut Mug, $14/ 2. Donut Cross-Body Bag, $13/ 3. Donut Notebook Throw Pillow, $39/ 4. Giant Donut Pool Float, $24/ 5. Donut Baby Pajamas, $16/ 6. Donut Flying Disk, $11/ 7. Donut Necklace, $14/ 8. Donut Pillow, $24/ 9. Donut Wrapping Paper, $13/ 10. Donut Baby Stacking Toy, $15/ 11. Donut Hole Beach Ball, $11/ 12. Donut Women's Pajama Top, $10/ 13. Donut Floating Drink Holders, $ / 14. Donut-Shaped Cartoon Beach Blanket, $25/ 15. Donut Lip Gloss, $5/ 16. Donut Baby Rattle, $12

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If you're looking for a quick and easy recipe, check out our fb exclusive donut recipe! These donuts are made from canned biscuits! Our kids love them!

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