Craft Corner: DIY Wood and Glass Air Planter


As you know, I love to DIY. I was walking through West Elm looking for a narwhal plate (I found it, plus an amazing narwhal bowl!), and saw this gorgeous wood and glass air plant terrarium. It looked stunning—with the wood and glass, it had this rustic, unaffected feel—and I could imagine it in my home.

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Then I checked the price tag: $155. I was shocked. But I was also inspired. I could totally make something (DIY obsessed!!) similar for way less. So I did! Since Father's Day is right around the corner, I thought it would be awesome to create this in honor of Dad.

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Heres what you need:

Mason Jar or Glass Box
Wood Rounds or Wooden Beads
Glass Beads (which can be found at the dollar store)
Air Plant
Printable if you're gifting it for Father's Day

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Begin to build your planter by layering the rocks, moss, wood beads, and glass beads in any manner that you like. If you want to feature rocks, add more. If you want to feature the glass beads, add more of those. The best part about these little plants is that they require just a spritz of water every 2 weeks. Check out our video to learn more!

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