DIY Oylmpics Decoration


It's lucky that the summer Olympics came so close to the Fourth of July—I had all these leftover red, white, and blue craft supplies! Macrame and tassel wall hangings are so popular right now, and they are also super easy to make. Of course, since I'm such a big fan of the Olympics, I made an Olympic inspired one. Big plus? You can make this in under 10 minutes, and it's appropriate to keep up all year long. It blends team spirit and craftiness. Here's what you need to make yours:

I gathered several different types of yarn in my theme colors. My white yarn has a touch of gold in it, and is slightly thicker than my red yarn. My blue yarn has chenille threaded through and makes it a little fluffy. By using different types, you get a more textured effect.

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To make the tassels, I measured the yarn from my elbow to my wrist. I wrapped it around several times to get the thickness that I wanted. After your first layer is done, you can cut the tassels at an angel. I love the "V" shape, but you can also invert it to make it appear more like a pennant—or add a curve. You can really give it any sort of finishing touche that appeals to you.

Take a look at the tutorial to see how I connect the layers of tassels. Make it all one color, layer multiple hues and textures, or use one type of yarn... The sky is the limit—just like at the Olympics!

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