DIY Donut Mug for Dad

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Moms always get breakfast in bed on Mother's Day, so why not serve donuts to Dad on Father's Day? We thought it was a cute idea, so we made a DIY painted mug to serve Dad his coffee in on Father's Day. Check out this simple tutorial and get our easy donut recipe at the bottom of the post to complete your Father's Day breakfast!

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To get started on your DIY Dad Mug gather your supplies.


  • White mug
  • acrylic paint
  • painters tape
  • foam brush
  • clear gloss spray paint
  • chalk pen

I kept my design clean and simple with geometric shapes and 3 of Dad's favorite colors. Use painters tape to mark off the areas to paint. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Do not paint the top 1 inch of the mug or inside, that's where your lips and coffee will go.

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Once you've got a design you are happy with, let it dry completely. Write a sweet message, like "Best Dad" on top of your painted areas with a chalk pen. Once the whole mug is dry tape off the top and cover the inside with painters tape and give it a good spray with clear gloss to seal it.

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Serve Dad these quick and easy donuts made from canned biscuits! Kids will love helping dip and decorate these donuts for Dad!

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Dad will love being treated to donuts and coffee in bed on Father's Day morning!

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