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I made these beautiful gilded watercolor eggs for our Easter display this year. As an adult I'm not longer happy with the simple cups of color for dying eggs. I need a more intricate more "adult" design. Something that's really pretty to look at with some detail. I made most of these during nap time one day, but kid's love painting the eggs too.

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Watercolor eggs are always so pretty with their marbled pastel designs. The colors seem to just flow together and create gentle swirls and patterns. I've done watercolor eggs a few times in the past with my kids but this year I felt like they needed something else to really make them pop in our Easter baskets and on my table display.

Video Gilded Egg Tutorial

These DIY easy gilded watercolor eggs are gorgeous, and they're easy to make for Easter. All you need: watercolors, gold spray paint, and aluminum foil

I love the look of gilded eggs but I don't have gold leafing to create it. I came up with my own way to create the gilded look with supplies I bought at Wal-mart. Check out our video tutorial below to create your own gilded watercolor eggs.

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Gilded Easter Eggs

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