Watermelon Finds That Are Fresh, Fab, and Trendy

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I'm pretty sure my kids could sustain exclusively on watermelon during the summer months. It's a staple in our family's seasonal diet and a treat we can feel good about—juicy, sweet, refreshing, and hydrating. Ahhhh, watermelon!

This hungry, thirsty little lady can eat her weight in watermelon. As you can see, it's a task she takes very seriously. I love that she just goes for it—no concern for drips, mess, seeds, and stains (ah, to be a carefree, worry-free baby). And how cute is her watermelon-print bathing-suit top? Get it, P!

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The watermelon, in non-edible form, has become pretty trendy this season too, with kitschy pool floats, cool handbags, and chic sarongs resembling the red and green seeded fruit.

To celebrate National Watermelon Day, we've rounded up a few of our favorite fresh-and-fruity finds, from sippy cups to scented pens to quirky candles to beach blankets to darling baby outfits. Now, you can have your watermelon and eat it... or wear it... or write with it... or float in it... or drink from it... or wipe your feet on it, too!

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1. Boys’ Swim Trunks, $48 / 2. Giant Slice Pool Floatie, $25/ 3. Rare Editions Baby Dress, $9/ 4. Ban.do Cooler Bag, $32/ 5. Scented Pens, $10/ 6. Miss Guided Towel, $32/ 7. Sunnylife Candle, $30/ 8. Non-Slip Doormat, $29/ 9. Kate Spade Cover-Up Scarf, $158/ 10. Sipper Cup, $8

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