Cute Crab and Lobster Styles for Your Little Beach Lovers

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I'm a sucker for preppy clothes. I dress myself and my littles in nautical pieces all summer long. (I embrace the horizontal stripes—as long as they're navy and white!) I especially love crab and lobster-embellished looks for the littles. I mean, my babies are usually pretty crabby—might as well face the reality with a sense of humor... and style.

The summer months are fleeting and the sun-soaked, seaside days of August will be behind us before you know it. I'm in no rush to bring out the fall jeans, warm sweaters, and baby boots. I want to make the most of this heat wave while it lasts—and keep my kids feeling and looking cool, so they hopefully won't be so crabby!

I've rounded up a few of my favorite sea-creature fashion finds for boys and girls. (Bonus: some are on super sale!)

1. Carter’s Three-Piece Crab Set, $13/ 2. Just One Your Crab Romper, $8/ 3. J. Khaki Stripe Lobster Tee, $5/ 4. Mud Pie Crab Rash Guard Bikini, $40/ 5. Mud Pie Crab Shortall, $21/ 6. Nannette Crab Applique Tank, $19/ 7. No Retreat Short Sleeve Lobster Print Shirt, $13/ 8. Carter’s Red Crab Tee, $8

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