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Can we talk about my favorite way to customize Christmas presents, stocking-stuffers, home décor, holiday tablescapes, and seasonal treats? It’s easy. It’s affordable. And it totally makes my craft-weary self feel like a DIY diva!

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Avery Design & Print Online program boasts tons of free holiday-themed printables, making it easy and affordable to personalize and print chic, cute, fun, and festive labels, tags, and cards. There are literally thousands of pre-designed templates—for your customizing convenience. But those who are a bit more confident in their aesthetic abilities can import their own graphics to create custom design (you can even upload and use images from Facebook and Instagram). It’s compatible with PC and Mac computers, with no download required—so it’s pretty much as easy as it gets.

And easy is exactly what I need this time of year. I’ve been known to “forget” to send out my annual holiday-photo cards--because I don’t have the time or energy to address hundreds of envelopes (who does?!?). Avery makes it almost effortless with simple address labels. So I really have no excuse this season to spread some cheer with cute pics of my babies! (You get a card, you get a card, you get a card!)

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Of course, while I’m printing, I might as well make some super sweet gift tags to put on all those presents under the tree. (Instead of buying cards and tags, I can save money and do it myself!) Better yet, I can create them with specialty shapes, cute color patterns, and delightful designs appropriate for each individual recipient.

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I’m giving my friends and extended family member mason jars filled with the dry ingredients required to make my great aunt’s famous cookies. I’ll add a cookie cutter at the top, screw it shut, and customize with a cheery Avery label. How adorable and easy is that? (And, yes, they taste as sweet as they look!)

Get lots of fun holiday inspiration and designs from Avery HERE.

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