Craft Corner: Personalized Wooden State Art

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I love minimalistic art and since I'm not a "painter", I have latched onto the less is more trend in art pieces. This personalized state art piece is a project you can do in under 20 minutes and make it completely your own.

Here's what you need:
A Basswood round
Paint brush
State Outline

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I googled "New York State" to obtain my state outline and sized it appropriately in my printer settings. Since the basswood rounds I was working with are literally cut from trees, they are all unique with slightly different sizes so you'll need to size according to your unique piece of wood.

After you outline your state, get painting! I love Martha Stewart's Gold paint, if you decide to go metallic. I went for the ombre look, but you can do anything your heart desires. This makes a great gift for Mom--yep, start thinking about Mother's Day--and the kids will love working with raw materials. Check out the video for the full tutorial!

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