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The Coolest, Most Luxurious Ride-On Cars for Kids

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My parents actually got my son his first car on his third birthday. Incidentally, they also got him his own [backyard play] house and a personal [baby] pool for "his" backyard. (Yeah, this kid livin' the American dream!) (And to think, they refused to get ME a pink Barbie Power Wheels when I was his age!

We took the Range Rover out a few times that month, but he was way too tentative to actually drive it down the street or even in an empty parking lot. He kept jerking from stop to go to stop to go. In retrospect, it probably looked a lot like me trying to drive shift (#truth). Nevertheless, at the time he just wasn't ready to get behind the wheel all on his own. And, honestly, I wasn't entirely prepared for that either. Needless to say, his little SUV went into the garage for a while, and we sort of forgot about it... until this summer.

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My now four year old has gained much more confidence in his motor skills (ha, get it?), and was excited to go for drives once again. I was amazed at the difference! He could accelerate, steer, halt, and cruise without difficulty. Now there's no stopping him. (And, yes, I'm still the crazy mom who literally runs alongside him and screams "GO!, BREAK!, WAIT!, NO!, TURN TURN TURN!)

There's something about a miniature luxury ride-on car that really makes me smile—maybe it's the fact that I can actually manage to pay for this Ferrari! Maybe it's the little kid in me that never got that Barbie Power Wheels. Or maybe it's just seeing my mini man ride in style—it makes me heart swell and my head swoon (he even begged to take his sister for a joy ride!). I love all ride-on vehicles, but kiddie Cadillacs, pint-sized Porsches, and itty-bitty Range Rovers really are the cutest ever.

I've rounded up a few of my favorite ride-ons... If only the mommy versions were this affordable! (I'd also happily take a grownup Barbie car.)

1. Avigo Range Rover Sport, $400/ 2. Power Wheels Porshe, $350/ 3. Lamborghini Aventador, $280/ 4. Tesla Model S Radio Flyer, $499/ 5. BMW i8, $350/ 6. SPORTrax Rolls Royce, $380./ 7. Avigo Mercedes, $400/8. Feber Ferrari, $450

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