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Classic Style: The Little Blue Dress

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Little Black Dress? Check. Little Red Dress? Check. Little...Blue Dress? Check, check!

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How on earth has my closet been void of the Little Blue Dress for all these years? For a girl who broadcasts her love of classic styles, colors, and silhouettes - this is simply inexcusable. When I spotted this cute little dress in the store, my mind did a quick inventory scan and I couldn't even make myself believe that I didn't have something similar already in my closet.

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Navy is the new black, yes? It's such a rich color that begs to be paired with everything from browns, to bright pinks, emerald green, yellow, white...and the list just continues. Given the simple solid color of this dress, I knew it was going to be a great base for one of my favorite jackets that I picked up last year and wore all the time. (Don't worry, I tracked a few down for you!)

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Old Navy : Dress (limited sizes, be sure to use the"find in store"option!) | Banana Republic : Jacket, try here, here, | Madewell : Boots (sale!)

Aside from the great color of today's dress, I just love the shape, the length, and the 3/4 sleeves because together, that means this dress is going to work in your closet for at least 3 of the 4 seasons! Great for layering in the fall and winter with tights, boots, scarves, and jackets! In the spring and summer, add a few bright pieces like a pink cardigan, maybe a screen crossbody bag and your favorite sandals. Don't you just love when a dress doesn't have to be banished to back of the closet for half the year? Me too!

Do you have a little navy dress in your closet already? How have you styled it? I can even see myself finding a new dark-wash denim dress this year just for more fun with navy! No need to always default to the safe bet of a black dress anymore! Navy has certainly got you covered!

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