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Chicco NaturalFit Bottles: A Cozier, More Comfortable Way to Bottle Feed

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Baby’s bedtime… It’s my favorite part of the day. (And not just because it means Mama gets an hour or two to herself before hitting the hay.) I just enjoy the tranquility of it. The kisses. The whispered lullabies. The feeding cuddles... It’s pure sweetness.

I’ve weaned my little one down to bottle at night, and I milk it daily (pun sort of intended). She loves it and I adore the one-on-one bonding time. It’s how we start our evening wind-down process. We go into her room. I change her into cozy jammies. I tickle her. We giggle. We snuggle. I sit in the glider and rock while she drinks her “baba.” It’s the most relaxing fifteen minutes of my day, and, since she’s getting older and bigger (and soon might not even let me cradle her!), it makes me nostalgic for those early newborn days. I know that it won’t be long till she fights me on bedtime, and that’s why I try to relish every mommy-and-me moment.

I breastfed Baby P for the first nine months, and we struggled to find the right bottle. If only, the Chicco NaturalFit bottles had been available back then! It would have made the transition from breast to bottle (and back to breast again!) so much simpler and smoother. The NaturalFit line is intuitively designed to grow and adapt with Baby’s feeding needs, offering a more comfortable and natural way to bottle feed.

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Chicco NaturalFit bottles mimic breastfeeding in form, feel, and function, and feature an angled nipple with a rounded base to provide properpositioning for an easy and natural latch. (This is something we struggled with using other bottles!) And the NaturalFit nipples provide the ideal fit and flow for Baby’s age and preference, as she grows and develops. Because, guess what? She will grow and develop and change—seemingly right before your eyes.

Take it from me… Time is flying. But I intend to soak up every last moment of her babyhood—especially the precious bedtimes.

Available in three sizes, NaturalFit bottles are available at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and other retailers.

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