But First, Cute Coffee Mugs!


In case you've been avoiding all social media channels for the past 12 hours or so, allow me to give you the heads up... It's National Coffee Day! (But you already knew that!) I've been celebrating since 5 AM, when my littlest peanut oh-so rudely woke me up from a very heavy and delicious slumber. You know, before the sun even thought about rearing its big, shiny, yellow head... Ah, yes, sleep. I miss you so much. But, coffee, I worship you even more... And until I'm able to, once again, get adequate zzz's at night, I will depend on you, dear java, to get me through. In fact, I'm finishing up cup number three as we speak I type. Actually, I'm typing, whilst sipping, whilst bouncing aforementioned Baby back to sleep with my foot on her rocker. That's another thing: Coffee helps me multitask—#likeaboss... or, rather, #likeamom!

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In honor of one of the most important holidays (seriously, just ask any mom at Starbucks), I've rounded up a few favorite graphic coffee mugs. These would certainly help me power through my sleep-deprived days. I don't know if it's the caffeinated liquid love or the inspiring and hilarious cup quotes, but these perky (get it?) pick-me-ups help to put a smile on my face... Even at 5 AM.

Top left to right: 1. Target "A Better Attitude Coming Soon" Mug, $5/ 2. Urban Outfitters “I Woke Up Like This” Mug, $8/ 3. Urban Outfitters “Current Mood” Mug, $8/ 4. Urban Outfitters "Blessed" Mug, $8/ 5. Paper Source “Before Coffee” Mug, $10/ 6. Urban Outfitters “Building My Empire” Mug, $8/ 7. Urban Outfitters “I Can’t Even” Mug, $8/ 8. Printable Wisdom “But First Coffee” Mug, $24/ 9. Kate Spade Macarons Mug, $20/ 10. "Because I'm Your Mother" Mug, $3 (Marshalls stores) / 11. Kate Spade "Eat Cake for Breakfast" Mug, $20/ 12. Printable Wisdom “Creativity Fuel” Mug, $24/ 13. Weestructed “I Breed Non Sleepers” Mug, $13/ 14. Target Caffeine Is the New Black Mug, $5/ 15. Quote Mugs, $3 (Marshalls stores) / 16. Weestructed “Raising Tiny Humans” Mug, $20

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