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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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I hemmed and hawed about producing our annual Breast Cancer Awareness post. (Hence why it’s mid-month, and I’m only now posting.) I knew I wanted to create one, of course, but I wasn’t sure which route to go. I would usually pick a few cute pink products with a portion of proceeds benefiting assorted breast-cancer funds, create a fun slideshow, and press publish. But I’ve recently read a few articles criticizing the “pinkification” of, well, everything. Some journalists and bloggers and women have argued that October has become too commercialized—that it’s now more about selling products than raising awareness for early detection and treatment options.

Then again, those pink products represent a larger cause and a greater mission. There are 1.7 million new cases of breast cancer across the world each year—and 232,670 new cases in the United States alone. If a pink water bottle or a pink lip gloss or a pink pony on a pink polo, prompts and reminds a woman to make an appointment with her doctor or schedule a mammography, then I would say those are most definitely products worth making and selling and buying.

But I get it...

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So there I was undecided about the direction of my post when I heard the ding of my inbox, and read about two incredible initiatives lead by the Avon Foundation for Women. There are no shirts to get or ribbons to rock. They're not urging you to buy pink or think pink or go pink. So whatever your opinion may be on "pink October", these are two programs worthy of a blog post and your time.

#BeABreastFriend is a powerful call to action that urges people to support each others' breast health. To make a movement this October, the Avon Foundation is calling upon women to identify their “breast friends” and tag them on their social media channels. Check out this unedited video of real conversations between women. The topic might be awkward, but it’s, undeniably, an important one. is a new blog that serves as a resource to help women feel empowered when seeking access to quality care. It shares stories, fosters conversation, showcases innovative programs, and attempts to deepen the knowledge about and understanding of breast cancer.

One in eight women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. Avon Foundation is calling upon everyone by joining the movement by spreading the campaign to help reduce this statistic. Whether you wear pink, buy pink, or tag a friend on your Instagram page, we, too, want to support all women this month and every month.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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