Bloody Sundaes

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My almost eight year old is totally into the gory side of Halloween this year. We currently have a graveyard in our front yard, complete with half buried skeletons coming out of the ground. Her costume of choice this year is an evil skeleton mermaid. Gone are the days of cute Halloween costumes. So, I decided to add a little blood and gore to our Halloween treats this year, while still keeping it kid friendly. I created my own version of DIY edible blood and whipped up these Bloody Sundaes that the kids gobbled up.

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DIY Edible Blood

  • 2 parts corn syrup
  • 1 part strawberry syrup
  • few drops red food coloring
  • pinch of cocoa powder

To make our Bloody sundaes, I mixed together our "blood" in a beaker with bat drink clings for decoration. Mix together 2 parts corn syrup and 1 part strawberry syrup. Add a few drops of red food coloring and a pinch of cocoa powder to get your desired red color.

The corn syrup gives the strawberry syrup more density so it's thicker. The cocoa powder makes it a little darker and less strawberry red. You only need a little cocoa powder. I used a whisk to stir it in completely.

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Bloody Sundaes

  • DIY edible blood (see recipe above)
  • vanilla ice cream
  • gummy fangs

I found these cute bat drink clings from Target to decorate our glasses with. They are vinyl so they are easily added (and removed) from glasses.

To create your Bloody Sundaes, first you add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream to your glasses. Next, drizzle your DIY edible blood. Add a little to the rims and allow it to drip down for a ghoulish effect. Lastly, top your sundaes with your gummy fangs for a vampire touch.

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My kiddos loved it. They ate their Bloody Sundaes with a lot of "Muahahaha" and "I want to drink your blood" from their side of the table. Obviously, Halloween is our jam.

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