Bikini Babe: Sweet Two-Piece Styles for Your Little Lady

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My 18-month-old daughter is my swimwear idol. Girlfriend has zero inhibitions rocking an itty-bitty bikini in public. Of course, she would walk around in the buff at all times if I let her. After all, she is a baby. Nevertheless, I hope she always loves herself this much—parenting goals!

It's with this mission in mind that I've started wearing bikinis again. I'm replacing some of frumpy coverups, black one-pieces, and tankinis with bare-all bikinis, and leading by example. I want to show my kids that we should take pride in ourselves and our bodies—perfectly imperfect as they may be.

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I couldn't help but buy matching mommy-and-me Marimekko for Target two-pieces when they first hit shelves a few months ago, and I'm perpetually on the hunt for other coordinating swim styles we can wear together at the beach or by the pool.

Now, don't get me wrong, I also collect rash guards and full pieces for Princess P—because they're practical and smart. But a bikini makes a bold and confident style statement, and this little lady is proud and happy to show some baby-soft (slathered in SPF) skin.

Did you know that July 5, is National Bikini Day? To celebrate, I'm going in the pool with my mini-me... but I'm also rounding up a few favorite two-piece styles for your teeny-weeny swimmers and sunbathers.

1. Green Floral Sun Hat, $6/ 2. Pineapple Bikini, $19/ 3. Gingham Bikini, $16/ 4. Green Floral Zip-Front Bikini, $16/ 5. Polka-Dot Three-Piece Set, $16/ 6. Tomato-Print Bikini, $19/ 7. Geo One-Shoulder Bikini, $25/ 8. Lilly Pulitzer Serena Bikini, $64/ 9. Blossoms-Ruffle Bikini, $39

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