Craft Corner: Best Olympics Craft


I've got Olympics fever. I've always been such a supporter of Team USA and get totally into watching. The drama, the action! I love it all. And the best way to keep up with Team USA is to make this Rio Olympics inspired medal counter. This is a great craft for kids because they love taking something like a cereal box and transforming it into something completely new.

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You need:

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I love recycled/upcycled projects and this one is great for getting the kids involved. They will love moving over the feathered medals and keeping tabs on their favorite athletes. You can even add in their favorite athletes and count their specific medals as well. The Olympics also provide the perfect opportunity to discuss diversity and sportsmanship with your children.

For all the details be sure to watch our tutorial:

The opening ceremony was on August 5th. A little history: Did you know that the life cycle of the Olympic Games begins with the submission of candidacies to host the Games---and then, seven years before the games are held, the host city is chosen?

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