Basketball Fan-milies—Stop By Staples for a Free Bracket Poster


I'm going to be totally honest here: I am not a sports fanatic. (I know, shocking, right?!) I wasn't particularly pumped about athletics in college either—despite the fact that my University (shout-out to my Syracuse peeps!) was and is a major basketball contender. We won it all my junior year and I'll never forget the electric vibe down on Marshall Street. The roads and parking lots were flooded with celebrating students and professors alike. It was in that moment that I realized what college sports are all about: community and comradery.

While I'm still not a super-fan, I try to follow what's happening in college basketball. (If anything, it's a good excuse to get out my coziest pair of college sweatpants!) Plus, my husband went to SU too, so he's already tuned into every game—might as well try to enjoy them.

Hardcore college basketball enthusiasts (and lukewarm ones like me!) can stop by Staples to get a Free 2' by 3' Bracket Poster (as well as additional special discounts), beginning today through Wednesday, March 16th. Just head straight to the copy center and they'll hook you up! The first-round teams are already pre-populated in bracket formation.

(To get your poster size bracket and find a Staples store nearest you, click HERE.

To celebrate the sporty season, I've rounded up a few of my favorite basketball finds for Baby. Because, good sportsmanship and lifelong fans begin at birth! I should know... My babies have rocked SU onesies since they were itty-bitty infants! (Go 'Cuse!)

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1. Newborn Baby Hat and Net Prop, $40/ 2. Basketball Baby Blocks, $40/ 3. Basketball Heart Onesie, $17/ 4.Basketball Baby Blanket, $45/ 5. Basketball Baby Slippers, $25/ 6. Knit Hat and Diaper, $50/ 7. Basketball Maternity Shirt, $30/ 8. Basketball Leg Warmers, $13/ 9. Basketball Newborn Prop Set, $25

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