Ballerina Baby: Precious Picks for Tiny Dancers


Baby girls and ballerinas... The two go hand-in-hand. Pretty pink tutus and ruffly ribbons and beautiful bows. When I first had my little lady, I couldn't help but picture her wearing an itty-bitty leotard and tights—even as a helpless, needy newborn! I dressed her floppy body in over-the-top outfits and ostentatious ensembles from day one... Because, you can only get away with that much fluff and frill for so long—a Mama's gotta make the most of that fleeting time!

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Of course, my pint-size Prima ballerina isn't always the picture of grace and style, but this little nose-picking lady of mine will perpetually have a starring role in my life! I can't wait for the day I get to pack up her dance bag with the mini-est slipper shoes and tie her wispy hair into a neat and nifty bun. (That is, if and when she grows some more!)

In the meantime, I'll keep dressing this gorgeous girl in pink layers and silly skirts and Swan-Lake-inspired styles! She can prance around in these lovely girliest of garbs or, ya know, fish for gold and play with her fave toy trucks! Either way, Baby P's ballerina-inspired looks are most definitely "on pointe." (Get it?)

1. Ballerina Cottontail Mobile, $49/ 2. Popatu Tutu Bodysuit, $28/ 3. Bailarina Shoes, $72/ 4. Knit Crown Doll, $29/ 5. Ballerina Layette Set, $32/ 6. Tulle Puff Socks, $7/ 7. Ballerina Tutu and Tights, $10/ 8. Princess Elephant Bank, $34/ 9. Ruffle Pettidress, $38/ 10. Swan Bubble Romper, $36/ 11. Ruffle Ballerina Legwarmers, $10

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