Back to School With Cute Clothes and Awesome Labels


My little guy started preschool about a week ago, and, so far, it's been smooth sailing (minus the fact that he already has a cold... Ah, three year olds and their germs. Arg!) I've already written about some of our tips, tricks, and must-haves, but now I'm sharing two more brands that I recently discovered...

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Finding preschool-ready apparel has always been a bit of a challenge or me. While I'm pretty picky about fashion, my mini man is very particular when it comes to the materials and fabrics he wears. He hates anything tight, constricting, rough, patchy, or stiff (who can blame him?). Everything has to be loose and light and soft to the touch. Basically, he would live in sweats all day, every day if I'd let him. (Hey, I'm right there with ya, dude!) Of course, I would love to dress him in adorable skinny jeans, and fitted button downs, and all sorts of stylish options... but that's just not happening on a daily basis.

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Lucky for us, we've found compromise with French Toast. The collection of school uniforms includes everything from short sleeve knits to polos to pants and khakis to jumpers and dresses for girls. To answer your question: No, he doesn't have to wear a specific uniform every day. But these separates are great and durable options for daily wear and tear, and ideal for the classroom and the playground. Plus, they look good and are wallet-friendly. Win-win.

Mabel's Labels Ultimate Back to School Combo

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Of course, we also have to label every shirt, cardigan, jacket, and backpack he brings to school. Last year, I tried subtly writing his name with pretty cursive on a tiny corner of his backpack. He came home the first day and his teacher not-so-prettily scribbled his name in huge letters in plain sight. I totally get why she did this, but, still...

Mabel's Labels Write-Away Labels

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That's why I was so excited to find Mabel's Labels this time around. Mabel’s Labels makes high-quality labels for all the stuff kids typically, well, lose. These personalized, waterproof name labels look neat and cute and keep things organized. Yet another win for me and my preschooler!

Now if only we could shake this cold!

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