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We read a lot in our house. We read to the kids, with the kids, and the kids even read to us (well the oldest does anyway). So, naturally when it's back-to-school time we scour our library and Amazon, for books that talk about school. Whether it's the first day of school jitters, how to handle a bully, or just a silly school story to get them excited, we've got you covered with some of the best back-to-school books.

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Best Back-to-School Books

  • The Kissing Hand - A sweet way to reassure your kids when they find themselves away from you and scared.
  • The Berenstain Bears Go To School - The cubs head off to school in this classic book.
  • Pete the Cat's Got Class - Pete the Cat helps us learn to love math.
  • Recess Queen - A story about dethroning the recess bully by becoming her friend.
  • Otter Goes to School - Otter starts his own school for Teddy and teaches us all an important lesson.
  • Back to School Rules - Percy shares 10 simple rules to help make school fun!
  • Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon - Can Molly stand up to the bullies at her new school?
  • First Day Jitters - It's a new year and a new school and Sarah Jane has the jitters. You'll be surprised by the charming ending!
  • Lacey Walker, Nonstop Talker - Lacey is a chatterbox but losing her voice helps her learn how listening is important.
  • This School Year Will Be The Best - Sharing ridiculous wishes for how the class could make this the best year ever! A good way to talk about kids during the back-to-school madness.
  • Dear Teacher - Can your imagination save you from the first day of school? Read Michael's hilarious letters to his teacher in hopes to stop the first day of school from coming.
  • The Juice Box Bully - With this book we can learn about "The Promise" and learn to stop bullying.
  • Fantastic Elastic Brain - Kids learn how their brains work by making mistakes, learning new things, and having courage. Perfect for tying into back to school.
  • I Didn't Do My Homework Because - Share a laugh as you read through all the ridiculous reasons they didn't do their homework.
  • The Invisible Boy - Brian feels invisible until he makes a new friend and finds a way to shine!
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Best books to start this school year

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