An Option for Everyone: Baked Oven-Crisp Chicken From Boston Market

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I like the internet meme that says “once upon a time I was a perfect parent… and then I had kids.”

The statement rings true in many ways. I envisioned my future parenting self with endless patience and abundant time. I pictured myself cooking wholesome, healthy, and homemade meals for my children for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—despite the fact that, at the time, I could barely even scramble an egg. Still, I’d learn. Once I had kids, everything would click into place and I’d be a whiz in the kitchen.

Alas, fast forward a few years and two children, and my time is short, my patience is thin, and my cooking skills are still rather rudimentary. Add to that the fact that my kids are picky eaters, and I often find myself staring into the refrigerator wondering "what can I possibly serve for dinner tonight that will be ready fast and actually get eaten?" Are there quick, quality, and healthy on-the-go eats that will, in fact, satisfy everyone?

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Boston Market is a dinnertime staple in my home at least once a week. A mouthwatering rotisserie chicken, a side of mac and cheese, some fluffy mashed potatoes, and a heaping side of veggies, and we’re all happy. All except for my three-year-old son. He'll eat the scrumptious sides, but refuse the chicken. He only eats his chicken "crunchy" (insert mommy eye-roll.) Typical toddler! But fried "mystery meat" is not something I want to serve him on the daily.

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And that’s why I was happy to accept an invite to a press and blogger event hosted by
Boston Market, where we'd be tasting their brand new baked crispy chicken. Could it be?!? An option that would make every member of my family happy? An option that would enable us all to eat together? It was worth a try! I’d gladly do the delicious journalistic research for my family and our readers (win-win).

Boston Market’s oven crisp chicken is a generous portion of boneless, all white chicken breast, seasoned and hand-breaded panko crumbs and baked for a crisp, golden crust. It’s a crunchy alternative with flavor, but it’s not fried.

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You can get your crispy chicken in a variety of ways, and I was delighted to try all the options at the NYC blogger event last week. The oven crisp chicken individual meal comes with two sides and cornbread, it's delightful over a salad, and full of flavor and texture in a wrap with spicy mayo—it packs a punch and delivers a crave-worthy kick.

Eating lunch alongside the “big chicken,” Boston Market’s CEO, I learned that the five-ounce breast boasts 33 grams of protein! It’s also double the size of most traditional fast-food chicken patties. And at $7.99 for the individual meal, it’s an absolute bargain.

It's most definitely a delicious option, but, better yet, I think my four year old will actually eat this non-fried, non-rotisserie option; meaning, my family can have a cohesive meal together at the dinner table! Finally. Where's an internet meme for that?!?

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