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An Exquisite Gift for an Exquisite Mom

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My mom is one of a kind.

She’s my best friend. My confidant. My comedic relief. My cook. My (unlicensed) therapist. My shopping partner. My biggest cheerleader. And my go-to babysitter.

But that’s not all... My mom is kind and silly and stubborn and supportive. She would sacrifice anything for her family—and she’d move mountains to help her three children and her two grandkids. Yeah, she’s stronger than she looks. (Then again, aren’t all moms?)

My hands-on mom was around for every meaningful, monumental, memorable, major, and minor moment of my childhood. I used to cry every day when she’d drop me off at nursery school. And so what did she do? She’d wait outside the classroom door for well over an hour (sometimes more!) so that I could play and learn, knowing that she was near… I love my kids dearly, but when I drop them off at school, I beeline back home, or run to the grocery store, or race off to a coffee shop… Nope. Not my mom. She wanted me to know that she was always within reach.

When I went off to Kindergarten—and waiting outside the classroom door was no longer an option—my mom gave me a bracelet that matched hers—so that we’d always be connected—so that a part of her was always within reach. I would touch it when I was nervous or lonely or needed a little boost of her mom-love.

Suffice to say that my mom was perpetually present, throughout my youth, in the best way possible—every dance recital, play performance, music concert, soccer game, gymnastics class, art showcase, class party… There she was. Always within reach, indeed.

As I grew older and craved more independence, she gave my space, but was always readily available and at my side on the turn of a dime. She put on a brave face when I went away to college, and answered all of my slightly inebriated 3 AM gossip-hour calls. No judgment or shaming or scolding… Just love and a listening ear.

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Fast forward a few years, a big wedding, and two grandkids later, and my mom continues to be my rock and my role model. We may have different parenting styles—like I said, I would never have the will to wait outside a classroom door, but we make a good team, nonetheless.

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She’s my “mom-life” sounding board, my parenting inspiration, and the voice of reason I often need to hear when I’ve lost my cool with two rowdy toddlers. She’s a diamond among rocks, the world’s greatest Gram (no surprise there!), and as selfless as they get in her will and want to be a part of our daily, crazy lives. Always within reach... For me, for them, and for everyone lucky enough to love her and even luckier to be loved right back.

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This Mother’s Day, my mom deserves something that sparkles as much as she does; and I want to treat her to something that’s as special and precious as she is to me. These gorgeous bracelets from Kay Jewelers instantly caught my eye. They look lovely when worn separately or layered together; and can be dressed up or down to instantly add shimmer, shine, and gorgeous glamour. I’m sure that she’ll love them because they’re exquisite and classic. But I know that she’ll cherish them because they’ve come from me.

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I’m so happy that I can start an annual tradition of giving her one new bracelet to add to her growing collection. Best of all, I know that every time she wears one or looks at them, she’ll think of me—and I’ll always be within reach. I can only hope that the bracelets I give her will bring her as much comfort and joy and happiness as that matching bracelet she brought me some thirty years ago.

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Top left to bottom right: Bolo Bracelet 1/15 ct tw Diamonds Sterling Silver/ Diamond Bracelet 1/2 ct tw Round-cut Sterling Silver/ Diamond Bracelet 1/20 ct tw Round-cut Sterling Silver

Family is my mom’s world—and she is everything to us. Whatever your mom means to you, Kay Jewelers has stunning gifts to make her Mother’s Day meaningful, memorable, and special. With a broad selection of bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, and more at various price points, there are fashion-forward and timeless options for every style, every taste, and every Mom. They’ve got what I’ve been looking for—and it’s all within reach.

This post is sponsored by Kay Jewelers.

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