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A Super Summer—Without the Super Lice

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I can hardly believe that Pre-K graduation is in four short weeks—just one month to go, and my little guy will officially be Kindergarten bound. (Anybody got a tissue handy?!) Imma be a bit of a mess when I walk him into that big elementary-school classroom for the very time. He’s growing up so fast!

Luckily, for the sake of my emotional well-being, we’ll have two months of carefree fun and sun in between graduation and the first day of his “official” academic career. And I plan to make the most of it—beach trips, pool dips, playground adventures, and lots and lots of Popsicles. Oh, and then there’s summer camp, of course!

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My little guy is so pumped to go to “big-kid” camp this year. It’s only a few hours of each day (no sleep-away yet, Buddy!), but he’ll still get his fill of arts and crafts and sports and sprinklers and capture the flag and crazy hat day and shaded tee-pee story time! They have the cutest little outdoor tent where the kiddies can huddle up for reading and snacks and faux marshmallow roasting. All the awesomeness of sleep-away camp—minus the, well, sleeping!

There’s a lot to look forward to: Super friends, super counselors, super activities… super lice! Gulp.

Hate to be the kill-joy, but summer camp is, indeed, one of the most critical times to be vigilant about head lice prevention and protection. Many camps—especially sleep-aways—will even perform head checks before letting the kids step foot inside their wooden bunks.

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The problem is: lice can be present before there are any symptoms—despite the fact that just thinking about those creepy crawlers makes me itch from head to toe. We’ve received the dreaded lice letter in my son’s backpack once or twice in the past, but we’ve—fingers crossed, knock on wood, spit on the ground and twirl three times—been fortunate to avoid it thus far.

Lucky for you and me (and my camp-bound almost Kindergartner!), there are a few key tips and steps to help you (hopefully!) keep those little heads and hairs lice-free this season and beyond, so that the summer can, indeed, be carefree—and lice-free too!

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  1. Check Those Heads Stat: Check ‘em, and check ‘em often. Parents who examine their children at home for lice can detect an infestation earlier. (Never mind the fact that if I found even one of those little buggers on my kid’s head, he’d probably have to peel me off the ground… )
  2. Treat ASAP: If you find eggs or lice in your child’s head, treat quickly and effectively with a product that allows you to end an infestation with just one simple, precise, and easy-to-rinse mousse application. Non-toxic and pesticide-free, Vamousse Lice Treatment kills both lice and eggs in 15-minutes—even pesticide-resistant super-lice!
  3. Try a Daily Defense Shampoo: Did you know it takes four to six weeks for telltale itching symptoms to start? In other words, your child might have an infestation for weeks without you actually knowing (shudder at the thought!). Prevent the headache (literally), with a daily defense shampoo. If you’re sending your child to sleep-away camp, be sure to pack Vamousse Lice Defense, a daily nontoxic shampoo that has been show to kill lice during hair washing.
  4. Keep Hair Neat—and Take Preventive Steps: My little lady is not yet ready for camp—but that doesn’t mean she’s immune. She likes to get up close and personal with her brother—and #thesnuggleisreal. Girlfriend does not like her hair touched, but I’m implementing a strict ponytail and braid rule this summer to help minimize potential contact. Ponies, braids, and up-dos are a must to help keep kids cool and lice-free this summer. Baseball caps and sunhats are also encouraged, when possible. Better yet, take the protection up a notch and spritz on some Vamousse Lice Repellent and Nit Defense every day before the kiddos head out the door. It’s a non-toxic spray made with essential oil—so it’s safe and easy to apply daily as part of a regular routine.

Here’s to a carefree summer and a super camp season… minus the super-lice, of course!

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