The Versatile Cozy Rocker Napper From Tiny Love—and a Giveaway!

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The market for baby-gear is saturated with… stuff. So many “things” you MUST have as a new mom.

I definitely bought into a “more is more” mentality when I was pregnant with my first child. I needed—to keep my soon-to-be baby happy, of course.

But soon after the little guy was born, I realized that, well, I had myself a perfect, tiny, helpless blob who really couldn’t have cared less about all the insane “essentials” we filled our too-tight two-bedroom apartment with.

And so with Baby Number 2, I was a lot more conscious of the clutter… Don’t get me wrong, by most standards, I still had a ridiculous arsenal of gear (I am a blogger, after all!), but I learned to let go of the things that didn’t work for us, to get rid of the bulky items that rarely got action, and to strategically keep out only the most important and most frequently used items (it’s called apartment life!). After all, babies grow fast; and how can they learn to crawl and walk with so much STUFF scattered all over the floor.

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One item that remains in our living room at all times: the Tiny Love Cozy Rocker Napper. This MULTIPURPOSE(!) item has gotten a lot of USE (keywords, right there!) throughout the last few months.

Portable and versatile, the Cozy Rocker Napper features three positions and easily transitions from an angled seat to a super-comfy fully reclined sleep space for Baby. The hanging musical electronic toy keeps my wee one giggly, happy, and entertained. It stimulates her senses without getting her overly excited—so it makes a perfect pre-nap setting. The seat’s gentle vibrations keep her calm and soothed, until it’s time for a snooze, when the extendable canopy can be pulled down for total seclusion and privacy. I love that I can transition her from peaceful playtime to quiet naptime with one quick and simple adjustment. So, yes, it serves TWO functions, which makes it even more worthy of precious floor real estate!

“Stuff” is great and all, but the truth is: when you edit it down to the must-haves… Less really can be more. And the Cozy Rocker Napper makes the cut!

One Lucky fan of The Shopping Mama will win a Cozy Rocker Napper from Tiny Love. Enter via rafflecopter below:
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