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A Beginner's Guide to a Smart Home by #IrisByLowes

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Setting up a smart home can sound a little scary. But, trust me, if I can do it (technologically challenged over here), anyone can. I've put together a Beginner's Guide to a Smart Home with #IrisbyLowe’s products. I'm sharing which products I recommend for the smart-home beginner, and showing you how easy they were to install in our home. It's not as scary as it sounds.

I'll be honest, getting my home set up with Iris by Lowe’s smart-home products made me feel like a real grownup. Having a smart home feels like a real accomplishment in the adult world. And hopefully you will see how easy it is to set up your own smart home.

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Being a military family, we live in a rental house, which made me nervous thinking of trying to update our rental home and turn it into a smart home. But, Iris by Lowe’s was surprisingly easy to install and nothing I installed as a beginner was permanent. You can pick and choose which products you want or need. It's easy to customize your smart home to suit your needs. And it's so affordable too.

Which Iris by Lowes products should I start with?

If you're thinking of setting up a smart home I would suggest starting with the hub of course and some contact sensors, keypad, smart plugs and possibly a carbon monoxide/smoke detector. All of these are easy-to-use products and good for the smart-home beginner. You can always add more Iris by Lowe’s products and expand your smart home experience later.

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Connect your Iris by Lowe's products to the hub and you can control them all from an app on your smart phone.

Iris by Lowes - Easy Installation and Use

Contact Sensors.

The contact sensors can be added to doors, windows and even places like the refrigerator or cabinets that you don't want kids getting into.

The contact sensors didn't require drilling into the door (which is what I was initially worried about). They had simple peel-and-stick adhesive pads which made installation a breeze.

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We immediately added a contact sensor to our front door. When connected to the keypad (more on that in a minute), we can set the alarm with a number code. This adds a level of security at night when we’re in bed and during the day with a curious toddler around.

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The keypad was another easy addition to add along with our contact sensor. With the keypad installed, we set the alarm when we are going out during the day, or at night when we head to bed. We also use it sometimes during the day to keep our house and kids secure.

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When your keypad is synced with your contact sensors and locked, an alarm will sound when the door is opened. You can easily disarm it with a key code.

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Iris by Lowe’s gives you a call to alert you that your alarm went off.

Smart Plug.

The smart plug is currently plugged into our lamp in the living room. I hate coming home at night to a dark house so using the smart plug I can turn the lamp inside from my phone as I'm pulling in the driveway.

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From now until April 25th, buy two Iris Next Generation Smart Plugs and get one FREE. Get this deal, available at Lowe's stores and online.

Safety Alarm.

We've always had several smoke detectors in our house but we finally decided to upgrade to a carbon monoxide/smoke detector combo.

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We got a First Alert carbon monoxide/smoke detector from Lowe’s that is compatible with Iris by Lowe’s so now we can get alerts if there is smoke or a carbon monoxide leak, even if we aren't home.

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So, now you’ve seen how easy it is to start with a few simple products and turn your home into the smart home you’ve always wanted.

Shop! Go to or visit your local Lowe’s to check out the over 75 smart home products and get started on your smart home today.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Iris by Lowe’s. All text and opinions are my own.

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