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7 Must Try Apps for the New Year

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As a busy mom I heavily rely on apps when I'm on the go to keep my schedule, shopping lists, and tasks together. I always find that just when I thought I knew of and was using the best apps on the market, there are always new ones hitting virtual stores prepared to wow me over and over again with their capabilities.

Not many people have stepped foot into 2015 without at least one of their goals being organization and/or time management. If you are included in that number here are 10 must try apps that you might need to add to your home screen in 2015

TaskRabbit: As much as we would like to believe that we can do everything. Sometimes it is in our best interest to maintain our sanity by delegating a few tasks. Even delegating can get cumbersome when trying to find someone to do quality work. TaskRabbit makes easy work out of the delegating process. This app will find a handyman, maid and other forms of assistance for you right from your phone. FREE

Moms Daily Planner: This app boasts an all-in-one to-do list, grocery list, calendar, chore and budget chart within its capabilities. FREE

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Home Routines: When it comes to keeping track of mundane daily tasks this app has you covered. Create routine checklists that reset every week. This app rewards you for completing your tasks and even sounds a reminder when it is time for you to switch cleaning zones that you specify within the app. $4.99

Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker: If you are anything like me receipts often find themselves crumpled in the bottom of my purse. This handy app allows you to scan your receipts and it does the rest. It also tracks mileage and allows you to submit expense reporting right from the app. FREE

Smart-ICE 4 Family: This app is a definite must have, especially for children and teens. This app stores all pertinent contact and medical information EMS would need in the event of emergency. It stores emergency medical information for various individuals within the app. An added feature is if 911 was ever dialed from your phone it will sound an audible alert every 2 minutes until EMS arrives. $2.99

Flip and Flash by BabyTV: In a digital age, it is not unusual to store apps that are of interest to our children. This app provides babies and toddlers with quality, educational based movies to possibly hold their attention while shopping or waiting for an appointment. This app also introduces babies and toddlers to 200 first words through the use of matching, sorting and guessing games.

MotionX 24/7: If getting more rest and exercise are two of your goals you are covered with this one app. This app analyzes your sleep patterns throughout the entire night to wake you at the best possible moment to help you feel the most refreshed and energetic. Activity coaching tips are also offered to help you move more during the time you are awake. $0.99

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