6 New Minecraft LEGO Playsets


LEGO recently released six new sets in their Minecraft collection for 2015. Create adventures and build worlds with Steve while avoiding zombies and skeletons. Mine for minerals or farm your crops but keep your eye out for those sneaky Creepers! Play to survive! Combine the sets for an even bigger Minecraft adventure!

21118 The Mine - $137.99

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This 922 piece set includes Steve, Creeper, skeleton, spider, zombie, track and cart and tnt.

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21117 The Ender Dragon - $93.88

This 634 piece set includes Steve, 3 Ender men, Ender dragon, weapons and a dragon egg.

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21116 The Crafting Box - $61.64

This 518 piece set has 8 in 1 building instructions. Includes Steve mini figurine, periodic table poster and accessories for lots of imaginative play.

21115 The First Night - $48.49

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This 408 piece set includes Steve, Creeper and pig figurines plus shelter

21114 The Farm - $31.99

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This 262 piece set includes Steve mini figure, farm animals, crops and supplies as well as an evil skeleton

21113 The Cave - $24.99

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A 249 piece set - mine for minerals with Steve, zombie and spider figures.

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