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5 Smart Home Ideas for Parents and Pet Owners With #IrisByLowes


Almost every person I know either has kids, pets, or both. With this in mind, I put together five smart home ideas for parents and pet owners with Iris By Lowe's.

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Motion Sensors and Lights

If your household is anything like mine, you probably have a kid who wakes up almost every night asking for a sip of water or a trip to the bathroom. If this happens in your home, you can set up motion sensors and lights to illuminate the way to the bathroom for those middle of the night wake-ups. No more tripping over Legos in the dark.

Door Locks and Key Fobs

It's a scary moment for parents—at least for me—giving my kids freedom and independence. But, when the time comes and your kids are old enough, key fobs, smart door locks, and keypads are a great addition and offer peace of mind.

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These smart home accessories from Iris by Lowe’s give kids the freedom to branch out a little more and to come and go on their own. Whether it's riding their bikes around the neighborhood or walking home from school.

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Attach a key fob to their book bag for easy access—and so that kids don't have to worry about losing keys. It gives moms peace of mind too.

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras inside your home will help you keep an eye on the kids when you aren't there.

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Check in on the babysitter while you're on a date to see if she's actually having the kids brush their teeth—or if she's chatting on the phone with her boyfriend while the kids are bouncing off the walls. Literally.

Ever wonder if the kids are following the homework first, cartoons second rule after school? Now you can keep tabs on them and make sure they are not only following the rules, but that they are home when they are supposed to be.

Smart Pet Door

A Petsafe Smart Pet Door combined with the Petsafe Smart Key on a pet's collar allows Fluffy (or Sparkles in our case) access to the house and yard.

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The smart pet door lets the pets in and out and keeps other animals, or would be burglars out (anyone else thinking of Home Alone type scenarios?). A smart pet door is especially great if you're playing "Taxi Mom" to kids after school—staying late to go to piano lessons, soccer games, and dance practices. You won't have to worry about your pet needing to use the bathroom. Let the dogs (or cats) manage their own bathroom schedules, even when you aren't home to let them out. The smart pet door is a must for any pet owner who wants to invest in a smarter home.

Motion Sensors and Smart Plugs

Many families I know have pets. Do you have a stinky litter box or just worry about the overall pet odor in your house? Attach motion sensors near the litter box in various places throughout your house (bathrooms would be nice) and connect a smart plug to an air freshener for an odor-free house. Whenever the pets use the litter box or move around, your house will be given a burst of fresh scent right when you need it most

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I know as a parent and pet owner I'm always looking for ways to make my life easier. Now, Iris by Lowe's can help with that.

Shop! Go to or visit your local Lowe's to check out all the smart home products for parents and pet owners.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Iris by Lowe’s. All text and opinions are my own.

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