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3 Ways to Capture and Record Summer Memories

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Summer is flying by. Wasn't it just June? Didn't we celebrate July Fourth, like, a minute ago?... How have we already hit the middle of the month? In the blink of an eye, it will be September and we'll be sending our littles off to school instead of camp, jumping in carpools instead of swimming pools, and rushing around from drop-off to work to extra-curricular activities, recitals, and baseball games. Slow down, time. We're not ready to end the leisurely, lazy, sun-blazed days of the season...

I may not be able to control the ticking of the clock and the passing of the days, but I certainly can make the most of these fleeting moments and try to capture them in special, meaningful ways. After all, making memories (or, what i call "momories") is what summer is really all about—especially for our children.

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Cute photo, but all those shoes—this one will go straight to the Private account.

Instagramhas become my version of a parenting journal. I don’t have the time or patience to create a baby book or a physical photo album, but I can definitely snap a pic with my iPhone and post it with a sentimental caption that describes a special moment in time. This is how I use my public Instagram account. I curate the best photos and chronicle the big and little happenings in my life and my children’s lives. But, self-editing, as a parent can be difficult. Picking just one photo of my son’s nursery-school graduation can feel almost impossible—and that’s why I have a second private Instagram account. This is where I let myself post all the silly-sweet pictures of my kiddies that maybe not everyone wants to see. Only close family and friends have access to this feed—people who actually want (or, at least, claim to want) to look through five similar photos of my babies doing something totally mundane.

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First time at the beach, and she's not so sure how she feels about all that sand.

It’s hard to remember the very first time I took my son out to a restaurant. Or the first time we baked together. All these special moments seem to blend into each other. And that’s why I was so excited to discover Milestone Activity Cards. This set of 30 cards can help commemorate exciting “firsts.” My husband and I took our daughter to the beach for the first time a few weeks ago, and it’s so nice that we now have a tangible reminder of the outing (there’s a line to write in date) and, of course, we have a digital photo to go along with it—posted right to Instagram (natch).

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Like I said, I can’t commit to actual daily journaling. ButI can manage one line a day—a quick snippet of what we did together as a family or something funny my toddler said or did. “7/12/16: Today, Big Brother jumped in the pool without his swim floatie on. He was so proud of himself and can’t wait to go back in tomorrow.” Important summer memory officially documented!... Good thing too. Fall will be here before you know it.

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