Father's Day gifts at Nordstrom Rack


I'm heading to Nordstrom Rack this week to shop for last-minute Father's Day gifts. It's crunch time. With just 4 days to go until Sunday, I've got to focus. The kids have crafted the handmade cards, and I've planned for Mr. Momtrends to have the day "off" to run a triathlon, but I do need to get some gifts for the man who keeps it all together at casa de Momtrends.

This might not surprise you, but my husband is definitely stylish. He's got great taste and has a bit of European flair. It's not a slam dunk to shop for him. A guy with sartorial talent demands great gifts. Since we are currently renovating our apartment and allocating most of our dollars are being allocated to new tile and new sound equipment, I can't go too crazy with the expenses. I'm relying on Nordstrom Rack as my gift destination. I can score great brands at big discounts.

Here's what's on my list for him:

  1. New pair of black dress shoes--wing tips preferred. Size 10.
  2. Workout t-shirts for warm weather training
  3. Stylish sunglasses (note: since he manages to lose these frequently, don't spend too much)

TIP: When shopping discount stores always have a list of the top items you want to find BUT save a little bit of your budget for items you just discover while at the Rack.

And while we are on the discovery topic, let's be realistic. Since, I'm heading to Union Square on this shopping adventure, I might just add a few things to my list. I'm looking for a few great dresses to wear at the BlogHer conference and a new pair of flat sandals for travel. It's the old "One for me. Two for him." philosophy. I'm very generous that way!


Before I head out, I'm checking out the http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/nordstrom-rack for ideas. But I know that every trip to Nordstrom Rack will be different. Each visit is a hunt for goodies--they get deliveries several times a week and put out new merchandise every day. Plan to be surprised!

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom. The company provided me with a gift card to facilitate this shopping experience. 

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