Wrapping up the Year


As we prepare for 2008 (and a new baby for me!), here are some notable trends from 2007:

Lead in the Toys. On the downside, 2007 was a year full of product recalls. The silver lining? Great manufacturers like Haba, Plan and Sevi proved that though their toys may cost more, it worth the peace of mind to pay for quality.

Teen pregnancy in the news. Well, most of us with babes have a decade or so to worry about pregnancies for our kids, but with the J.L. Spears scandal and the movie Juno, I've been thinking it's not too early to read up on sex issues. A friend, Logan Levkoff, released a wonderful book this year titled: Third Base Ain't What is Used to Be. This book offers clear advice on how to start conversations with your kids about sex. Her advice: Start now using proper names for body parts and honest communication to build the foundation that will carry your through puberty and beyond. $11.90

Fashion Forward? Thanks to Britney self-imploding, Paris' imprisonment and a few other pop tarts falling out of favor, it looks like fashions are following suit. From what I've seen, kiddie styles are turning more age appropriate. I like vintage looks and funky urban gear (Appaman). It sure makes shopping easier for a trend-conscious mom.

The final trend? More and more parents are logging on to MOMTRENDS. I'd love to hear from you in 2008! Congratulations to all the contest winners in 2007 and look for more terrific giveaways in the coming months.

January's editorial focus is GET BUSY, GET FIT. It'll provide ideas to meet your resolutions and keep your family happy during the long days of winter.

Happy New Year!

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