Monday Mingle: Winter Boots with Style

cozy winter outfit from LOFT

Winter Harbor boots | Lou & Grey Sherpa Jacket | Essential Leggings | Flecked Sweater dress

I feel like winter is the most challenging season to stay chic. I've already built a good coat wardrobe, which I'm going to be sharing throughout the winter. This year I'm going to pay extra attention to shopping my closet and working out ways to stay chic while also staying warm. I hope you like this theme. This week we're talking about winter boots.


Comfort is where I am right now as winter is settling in. I want to be warm and cozy as the days are short. I can't hibernate though. I'm busy and I've still got to run the kids all over Brooklyn and get to meetings. First, let's talk about ear muffs. Do you like them or think they are too silly? I tried these on and them sent them back. I felt like I was 8 years old.

lou & grey for loft

This Lou & Grey jacket o the other hand totally feels grown up and it's likely the softest thing in my closet. It's just yummy. I layered up some leggings and a sweater dress under the jacket to complete the outfit. It's like wearing pajamas, but without sacrificing style.

cozy winter outfit

Now let's talk about shoes. I know the snow is coming too, and the slush. That means my heels will be taking a break for a bit. I'll tote them around to events, but they won't see the puddles and salt remnants on NYC streets.

I'm prepping for the storms with the Winter Harbor boot from Sperry. It's sporty and also has great traction for the slippery streets. When the wind chill hits, my feet will be toasty.

sperry winter harbor

Toss on some good wool socks and leggings and you don't have to give up your dresses. Just add layers and good boots and go. Unless you don't ever need boots. Are you lucky enough to live someplace warm? Or are you dealing with the cold like I am. Can't wait to see what you're styling.

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