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Syncing Your Style: What to Wear Under Your Clothes

Momtrends is all about sharing our latest fashion finds, beauty tips and all things related to you looking and feeling your personal best. It has been my experience that even the most well put together outfits can be fashion disasters with a common, but easily fixable fashion problem....undergarments. What you wear under your clothes is as important as the clothes you are wearing. Most women don't think twice about their underwear, bra, hosiery or (lack of) shapewear. Call me old-fashioned, or give a huge high-five to my mother for teaching me tricks of the trade that help finish off any look and keep the focus on you instead of your ill fitting underwear.


1. Let's start from the ground up, shall we? Hosiery comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, lengths, thickness and even "toe" design. Get to know your hose.

  • For open toe shoes or shoes with cut outs-you'll need "hose without toes" or toe-less hosiery, they are the solution for those wanting a little coverage and shaping but without the fashion faux pax of having hose covered toes peeking out of your favorite shoes. It is never ok, no matter the season, to wear regular hose (yes, even sheer hose!) when your toes will be visible. I love sheer ones by Donna Karen, I often score them at Marshall's for a quarter of the price!
  • When in doubt go sheer! I choose Berkshire and Givenchy - they both make the most affordable and best looking sheer hose. It is easy to wear hose with your favorite dress or skirt without having the distraction of too dark (or worse, light!) legs to crash your outfit. Sheer hose, often with just a hint of shimmer, to glossen up your gams, give you the shape you need without the color you don't. Please no white dresses paired with black stockings, it just doesn't work! (you can find sheer hose in all major department stores or online from retailers like Bare Necessities or Alex Blake)
  • Socks and shoes? NO! Kerri from @SavvyMomNYC & @nyclaurenbeth brought these to my attention-another great solution for those looking for coverage but without the bulk or your husband's white tube socks stuffed into your ballet flats

2. Let's talk underwear: Again, you have every type of underwear available. My tips here are short and sweet.

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  • It needs to fit your body: When purchasing underwear, you usually need to either size up or choose the fit that is right for your shape. Too tight underwear creates unsightly wrinkles and folds of flesh-never a fashion "do"
  • Pick underwear that is right for what you are wearing: Panty lines are unattractive, distracting and again create lines most women don't want circling their backside. If choosing thong underwear is not in the cards for you, make sure your undies are seamless and provide the coverage you need, without the lines-and yes, do peek in the mirror before you head out the door. My top pick? undies by Commando. Another solution to panty lines is to wear sheer hose under your dress pants, smooth lines, and a little coverage

3. Moving North: Bras can be the hardest undergarment to purchase. Besides the fancy, schmancy ones you may have in your drawer, you need bras that are functional.

  • Get a bra fitting: Ladies, do yourself a favor and make an appointment (or stop in a finer department store) and get a true bra fitting. Just had a baby? lost 5 lbs? all of this affects your measurements. Wearing the wrong bra size is not only uncomfortable, but doesn't provide the support or coverage you need (and yes, this stands true no matter what size!) The professionals recommend you get a fitting twice a year.
  • Try the bras on before you purchase them:Just because they say they are "your" size doesn't mean they will fit the way you need them to. Unfortunately, (fortunately) bras come various shapes-check the straps, back closure, cup coverage and overall fit.
  • Color-wearing a white tee? You need a nude bra not white! wearing a black dress? you need a black bra not white or nude (you'll see what I mean if you take a photo wearing a black dress/shirt and a nude bra-you always see the bra lines though the fabric)
  • Straps: Convertible bras work wonders...for most women. They are a good way to get a lot of bang for your buck. But, again, try on what you plan to wear. Visible straps are just not stylish-it's unfinished and definitely unprofessional...And when wearing a strapless dress ( or lacy top)-please eschew the "clear" straps. They are a fashion don't-not only are they plastic, but they are visible and altogether tacky-even the most full-figured women can find a strapless bra they need -the key again is proper fit and cut

4. The Whole Picture-Shapewear:

  • Got a problem area? There is a piece of shapewear to fix it. While not the sexiest undergarments, shapewear is certainly a workhorse. Whether you want to boost, or minimize, shapewear helps you put your best foot forward. From hip to knee coverage to full torso shapewear-you can find a piece that smoothes out lines, flattens your tummy and minimizes the jiggle in your wiggle. I was surprised to learn, that even those ladies that seemingly don't "need" shapewear, donn this under "armor" when wearing a slinky dress or body hugging cigarette pants. I just can't ignore the power and effectiveness of Spanx-worth every invested penny! (and made right here in the USA!)

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