What to Wear on Camera


Last week I did a fall preview for New York Live! with hostess Raina Seitel. For this on-air segment I wanted to wear a fall color, so I picked plum--specifically a dress from b44 Dressed (a label from www.bailey44.com). I thought I'd share my advice for what to wear on camera.

Here's what I've learned about dressing for the camera: Wear Color, pick a focal accessory, but not a ton of accessories, and make sure your hair isn't too fussy. I tend to avoid prints (except for shoes!) and I avoid belted looks--dresses are easy because nothing has to stay tucked in. I took off the white watch when we were on-air. It was too distracting.

The shoot was held at Lester's--an Upper East Side Boutique that has sizes for ages 0-60+. This spot is all about hip, trendy fashions. We highlighted fashions that can go from summer to fall effortlessly. The store had so many great outfits to pull--from trendy printed jeans to adorable leather jackets. To check out the store visit.www.lesters.com


Raina Seital hosted the segment and I was the "fashion expert" (I'll link to the segment when it goes live). Raina is a correspondent for NewYorkLive and she's been a friend for a few years. She had some exciting news--she's working on a new reality series for Oxygen--Girlfriend Confidential. The series was taped alongside the fashion segment so who knows I may get a cameo on reality TV.


Nothing was new in my outfit. The necklace has been worn tons (LOFT) the dress is a year old and the shoes are 2-3 years old (Sofft). I try to build a wardrobe that works well with transitions and that is always ready for the next event. I don't want to be in the position to have to scramble for a last-minute ensemble. I prefer to be armed and outfitted for any fashion emergency.

I can't wait to see what you were wearing this week.

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