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What My Mom Means to Me

When Mother’s Day rolls around each year, I struggle to come up with ways to sufficiently show my mom how much I appreciate the sacrifices she made and the inspiration she provided us with. It’s hard to articulate just how much mom means to me, but it all comes back to that full circle moment that I had when our son, and first child, was born...Growing up I always knew that motherhood was in my future. Sure, like every kiddo, I had grand career aspirations that ranged from being an attorney to a famous writer. And, frankly, my professional life is still a very important part of who I am, but one constant that never changed was my desire to be a mom. And that’s all thanks to the incredible woman who raised me, single handedly I might add. That’s right. She was a single mom and she rocked at it, which anyone who grew up with a single parent or is one, knows is no easy feat. You don’t have a partner to lean on when the bills pile up or those teenage years prove to be more of a challenge than you bargained for. In a word, my mom is, was and forever will be so very STRONG!

what my mom means to me

When you’re a single parent you are responsible for anything and everything in your household. Your kids look to you for both their financial and emotional needs. I can only imagine how taxing that is. The hubs and I are a total team and I still feel overwhelmed...all the time. That being said, you would never have known that my mom’s journey was filled with anything but sunshine and roses because she made it look so easy. We might not have had a father figure or a fancy lifestyle, but we had what we needed And because of that I had no qualms about starting a family of my own. We most definitely weren’t in the position we are now when we had our first kiddo, but we knew we could meet those basic needs and shower him with love. If I hadn’t grown up with that unconditional support from my own mom, I don’t know if motherhood would have been such a clear path for me. And for that, I owe her the world because I can’t imagine a life without those two precious beings who call me mom now.

mom and me
mommy and me day

So, I decided that this year I wanted to make Mother’s Day really special for her. That means I’ll be planning a fun filled day with me, my sister and my mom’s grandbabies. We’ll probably take her to lunch and maybe get a mani/pedi. At the end of the day, all she really wants is to spend time with us, but that doesn’t mean she can’t sparkle and get pampered a little while she’s doing that. Am I right? Haha! In fact, Kay Jewelers has a bevy of beautiful baubles that are right up my mom’s alley. I didn’t only inherit the desire to be a parent from her...We both have a thing for jewelry too. Whether we’re talking about delicate necklaces, on trend bolo bracelets, unique rings, or classic earrings, Kay Jewelers has a little something for every mom! Hey, this mom might have to add that rose gold number to her own wish list. I do believe matching mommy and me heart rings sported by my mama and myself would be just the ticket. I’m not too old for a mommy and me moment right? Bwah!

bolo bracelet
heart ring
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kay ring

If you too have been looking for a way to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day, why not give her the gift of sparkle? Head over to Kay Jewelers to find a piece that’s just right for the most important woman in your life and your budget!

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