Wear This, Toss That! Book Review


Most of us think we've got our closets and wardrobe, at least moderately, under control. As did I. But I was wrong, ladies. I was wrong. Author and style genius Amy E. Goodman gives you the facts about your clothes-- right down to that skirt you love but actually doesn't look as good on you as you think it does-- in her book Wear This, Toss That! (Amazon $16.99).Read on to learn more about what clothes you should be saying "Sayonara" to.

You know that phrase, "You can only make one first impression?" True. A major factor in that first impression has to do with how you present yourself ie: your clothing. Spring is a perfect time to go through your closet and put away winter garb and thin out the warmer weather apparel. Since I am one of those women who "collect" instead of "replace", I thought I should take Ms Goodman's advice as gospel and get out all the things that are either too "young" for me or aren't appropriate my lifestyle anymore.

Take a look at just half of my closet:


There's so much stuff packed in here, I almost didn't know where to begin. I ended up taking everything out. (Which, was definitely a good idea since the space hasn't been empty since I moved in almost 2 years ago---gave me a good chance to really clean it out. This is an important step in garment maintenance) Luckily Ms. Goodman gives detailed step-by-steps along with pictures so you can see what you should be keeping and what you should be ditching.

Here's a perfect example:


I was shocked that this EXACT skirt was listed in the book as something I should toss! Not only shocked, I was kinda bummed since I just got this skirt last season at H&M and have received compliments on it before. But on the bright side, I have a plethora of other skirts that she says I can wear and re-invent with belts and other accessories.

The pictures are a life saver. And the book is packed with helpful tips: Do you really know the difference between micro-mini, mini, tea length, ballerina length, full length, midi, and maxi ? You're not alone, there. But she'll gladly clear that up for you, too.


So now that you've got a pile of gently used clothes, check out some charities that would love to take them off your hands. You're killing two birds here: Learning how to dress yourself properly and donating to those in need.

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