Undiscovered Euro-Kid Fashions from Chipie

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Momtrends is always on the hunt for fresh fashion. Today we've tapped into a great resource: Robyn, Owner of Dragonflies and Ladybugs Boutiquehas put together a guest post for Fashion Month:

Every year, we boutique shoppers always look for the classic, "well known" brands such as Deux par Deux, Catimini, Cakewalk, Room Seven, and more.... we know their style, quality, and fashion. It is not uncommon for our store to sell out of these brands. However, there are those European brands that are not as renown, yet they still hold that boutique look and feel, and they are truly something she must have in her wardrobe.Chipie clothing is one of those brands.

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We have carried Chipie now for two seasons, and I absolutely love it. It is casual yet still maintains that great boutique and Euro style we all crave. Chipie Clothing brand started on December 16th 1967, in Carcassonne, south of France, right next to the infamous medieval City. Jean-Michel Signoles, only aged 17, created the Chipie brand which is strongly inspired by the American campus style, with its dog, its badges and colours.

Chipie'??s junior collections have a genuine '??kids'? imprint with amusing and determinedly trendy collections. Chipie'??s babywear collections are charming and soft. This Fall/Winter season we see these qualities come into play with the College Anglais collection for toddlers and the Folk Kids collection for big girls.

Although, in my opinion this is still a "sleeper" brand, it is certainly one that should be considered as your little girl will definitely be complimented when wearing Chipie outfits. If you are in the market for something that NO ONE else has, this is the brand to shop.You can find Chipie at the following stores online... Chasing Fireflies, Everything But the Princess, Dragonflies and Ladybugs Boutique, and A Child's Closet.

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