Umbra/Pratt Design Competition

Umbra Design Contest

Umbra, a company that specializes in "original, modern, casual, affordable design for the home" recently teamed up with Pratt Institute in NYC for the 8th annual Umbra/Pratt Design Competition. This unique contest provides an invaluable educational experience for industrial design students to hone their skills. And there’s the possibility of having a design produced by Umbra and royalties from sales support both the students and school.


T-FRAME, the 2012 winner of the Umbra/Pratt Design Competition, was designed by Caleb Ferris and Prakhar Mehrotra. This clever frame allows you to preserve and admire that all-important T-shirt, instead of relegating it to obscurity in a drawer. Umbra’s T-Frame turns a tee into art, creating an homage to a sports legend, a concert or a special cause.

As T-shirt lovers, Caleb and Prakhar were inspired to design a product that preserved the iconic shape of a t-shirt while creating a way to display it in just five simple steps. T-Frame comes with a template showing how to stretch and fold the tee over a foam form, followed by added support and backing to assemble a unique piece of art.

Check out this installation video to learn more about the contest:

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