Tshirts for the Traveling Mom

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I love a parent with a good sense of humor. I knew if I went to Eileen and Elise (co-founders of Planet Mom T's) they would make me grin at the prospect of family travel. Here's what Eilse had to say... Initially, we thought our "Secretary of Transportation" tee, but that speaks more to moms having to chauffeur their kids around locally. Then, we talked about how our vacations always seemed to be geared toward our kids (ie, my last vacation was to Disney World, and I can't even go on the rides because of motion sickness!) So, we thought this tee (In My Next Life...)would be most appropriate for those parents embarking on kid-centric summer vacations. So go ahead treat yourself to a zippy new tee--you deserve it Mom! And here's what Elise is up to this summer when she takes a break from work:

Summer Vacation: Places that will allow us to ride bikes, kayak, swim and fish all day long.
Dream Vacation: Anywhere where I could sit on a beach and read, and not bike, kayak, swim or fish! The Amalfi Coast sounds nice!
Item I wouldn't leave home without: A great, long book. I can be happy anywhere, as long as I'm reading a good book.

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