Trendy Thursday: Zutano

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Zutano pieces tend to be collector's items. Not because they are precious and unwearable. Quite the opposite, because they are so beloved. When I got an invite for a personal tour of the NYC showroom I RSVP'd Y.E.S.

I met with one of the founders of the brand. Michael. He and his design maven, Uli have been teaming up for 21 years to produce Zutano. From the start they've been known for iconic prints and exceptional quality.

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Zutano doesn't settle for cute--they also source some of the softest cotton I'??ve ever felt. They've developed an exclusive relationship with a Macau factory to keep a close eye on quality.

Moms love them for the mix and match and easy-on easy-off designs. I remember when I was dressing my newborn I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the Zutano cloths fit just right--not too baggy on my 6 lb. baby (and the itsy sizes are meant for preemie babies 4lbs and above).

On my visit I viewed the Spring 2010 and Fall 2009 lines. The showroom was packed with prints, strips and bold colors--what you'd expect from Zutano. For fall the splash of fleece is a cozy accent. I'm also head over heels for the owl print. This is one trend I can't resist. For boys the Holstein cow print was a favorite--the brown based farm print appeals to city and country kids alike.

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My sneak peak at spring showed me another blast of color. The girls' swingy peat coat will be a must-have at the Momtrends house. Once again with Zutano, you'll get a ton of mix-and match options. Good for your budget and good for kids that like to pick out their own clothes in the morning. With Zutano, I know I'm going to get quality without a hefty price tag. They keep costs down by cutting out the middlemen in the operation.

Since my kids are getting older, I'm pleased that Zutano is beefing up their 2-4T collection. It all works back to the infant line. Making my life easy and trendy.

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