Trendy Thursday: Sun Chic


I'm sure you know a mom who has been affected by skin cancer. Smart moms use hats, sunglasses and protective clothing. Momtrends is here to help you look smart while you dress safe.

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It used to be that protective clothing looked horrific and dowdy. Thanks to Melissa Papock, a melanoma survivor, Cabana Life was born to combine fashion and function. Momtrends go to stop by the showroom a few months ago and I can tell you I'd never guess this was SPF 50+ clothing. It's chic enough for the toniest resorts or trendiest beaches. Sure, the boys Boys' Crab Trunks and hoodies are sweet. But lets focus on mom. I love the Terry Cover Up--it's perfect for building sand castles without exposing too much. (top; $67). Another option is the Embroidered Cover Up--you could wear this to a seaside lunch and look terrific (right; $75). Save 20% on your order at use promo code: SUMMER.

Now lets talk eyewear. While I adore the aviator trend, I also want to protect the delicate skin around my eyes from wrinkles. I tried on these over-sizedOliver Peoples Ballerina Sunglasses
over the weekend ($309). I asked the manager if they would budge on price--they didn't so I will wait to see if I can find them discounted somewhere--but I am seriously smitten with these.

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And a chic post wouldn't be complete without a nod to hats. All the trendiest moms in NYC are wearingstraw fedora hats. This is one trend everyone can afford ($19.99).

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