Trendy Thursday: Summer Shoes from Striderite

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The baby isn't a baby anymore. She's racing around the house and playground and in need of supportive shoes. Thanks to Striderite I was able to test out two new shoes this week.

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The Daffodil Sandal ($45) looks so sweet. It's a traditional white summer sandal--perfect for all the breezy dresses I have for my little girl's summer wardrobe. The leather shoe is very breathable and incredible supportive. enhanced with our ultra-comfortable Natural Motion System to mimic barefoot walking and to give babies the flexible stride path and natural propulsion they need to grow into strong walkers.Much better than the inflexible (but adorable) leather saltwater sandals she's been wearing.

To transition from summer to fall I picked theShawna leather sneaker ($50). These trendy sneaks will work with all her little play clothes. These shoes provide excellent support for her explorations thanks to the Natural Motion System technology. I love the fine materials (suede and leather) that go into the construction. Perfect with jeans or a jumper.

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