Trendy Thursday: Stylish Sneakers


One of my favorite back to school rituals as a child was hunting for my Back to School sneakers. I went to catholic school for eight years and wore a uniform--the one place to show some individuality was with footwear. Maybe that explains why I remain a true "she girl".

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While getting my own girls ready for school, the tradition continues. My preschooler wears sneakers everyday (school rule) so I let her visit the Morgan & Milo site to pick a new pair. It came as little surprise that she picked the Morgan & Milo - Sparkle Mary Jane.

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This is a funky twist on the traditional MJ. While it has feminine touches (Hello glitter!) it's got Morgan & Milo's signature rubber toe bumper for protection. ($40) As we scoot to school, my girl uses her feet as breaks, which means her shoes take a beating. This brand lasted a full year without looking beat up. I expect the same from her new pair.

As far as styles for boys go, I deferred to my friend Brooke to give me the her honest opinion on Morgan & Milo Kids' Avery.($42) Here's what she said:

Ryland attempted to go into every puddle we saw (he made it in a few). He seemed very happy in his new Averys. They were pretty scuffed up when we got home - but the green toe cleaned very nicely. I had some trouble cleaning up the white area, but I remembered the toothpaste trick from days of working at Lugz and that worked very well. The suede held up nicely. It dried surprisingly quickly - although I wouldn't recommend repeated puddle jumping - the brown suede looks worn already (in a good way) so it hides all the dirt easily and looked great after getting wet and getting washed.

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