Trendy Thursday: Fall Fashion Tips for Mom

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Are you stuck in a fashion rut? Many moms don't have time to scour the fashion magazines to pick out the latest trends, not to mention the time to head to dozens of stores to freshen up the wardrobe. Emily from The Motherhood gathered a group of mom bloggers today to get fashion tips from Alison Deyette.

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Alison's talk was full of helpful tips for everyday dressing. For our event, Alison made a run to TJMAXX and Forever 21. She nabbed some cool looks that are easy to mix and match. All in, she put together five or six complete outfits for about $400. She also took questions from the crowd. We brought in questionable items from our closets to see if we could reinvent them for fall. Here are a few of her tips:

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  • Boyfriends blazers are hot. To soften the look pair with a sheath dress.
  • Wide belts update dresses and skirts from seasons' past. Loved the $5 eggplant one she found at TJMaxx--what a steal.
  • If you've got long hair opt for a statement necklace and skip the earrings--good advice for me.
  • Skinny belts are ideal for moms with short waists. I loved the silver one she had today.
  • Shop with a friend that has a look you admire.

Alison is a wealth of advice, she'll be appearing on the TODAY show soon--so keep an eye out for her and check out her website

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