Trendy Thursday: Adore La Vie Dresses

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Since this is party month I want to talk about dressing for parties. For the holidays you may want to splurge for something special like a matching outfit. San Francisco designer Amanda Boyd caught my eye this year at a fashion event. Amanda's line Adore La Vie embraces the Mommy and Me trend without going overboard. What I like: 1.) This woman is not afraid of color. 2.) Moms and daughter's won't look like fashion victims when they match. Check out this red number.

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Mom looks a little sexy in the v-neck ($178) and her daughter looks scrumptious in her party attire ($124). Nothing is worse that coming across an entire family in matching floral prints--it just doesn't work for me--even in a Christmas picture. I do like coordinated fashions and that's what Amanda does best. Mom won't look like she's 4 and your daughter's won't look 18.

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