Trendy Thursday: 80's Anyone?

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I loved the 80's as much as the next gal--who didn't adore leggings paired with a slouchy long sweater. But I don't know if I am on board for the all-out embrace of this decade. Marc Jacobs and a slew of other designers jumped on the neon and big shoulder bandwagon. (Don't believe me? Read this fashion preview from the NY Daily News)

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Here's my advice moms: If you want to participate in the neon trend buy your pops of color someplace inexpensive and stick to an accessory. Might I suggest Old Navy? This store is priced right when it comes to one-season trends. Women's Floral Burnout Jersey Scarves ($10). I also like the orange Piperlime bags ($90) shown above. In the case of this bag, I think you'll get some mileage past fall of 2009.

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