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This guest blogger spot is written by Vanessa Van Petten. Vanessa wrote a parenting book when she was 17, called "You're Grounded!: How to Stop Fighting and Make the Teenage Years Easier" ($12.55 on Amazon) and her daily blog written by her and other teen writers, was featured on CBS 4 Miami and Fox 5 New York and has been in the Wall Street Journal.

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Carpool line = Fall Fashion Show?
Bake Sale Display = New Shoes Display?
Pool Party Birthday = Latest Bikini Day?

I was lucky, my parents have pretty decent fashion sense, but there are a few universal Mommy fashion do'??s and don'??ts that I have been asked to explore. First, I wanted to breakdown the different mommy styles I have categorized.

1) I-Dress-Like-My-Kids Style
It'??s always the worst when you have parents that dress like their kids. Dads should not wear untied Vans sneakers and Mom'??s should not be wearing low-rise jeans. Now, don'??t get me wrong, my mom and I borrow shirts from each other. But, this is a style where moms really are trying to look young.

2) I-Don'??t-Have-A-Style
You buy what'??s on sale, what'??s on the top of your drawer or whatever your sister got you for Christmas last year. These are usually pretty cool; as long as you follow the tips below and somewhat match.

3) I-Dress-to-Remember?
I put a question mark here, because if you read the title of this post and thought, '??well, I wear the same clothes I did 20 years ago.'? Then this is you. These are parents who dress in their favorite decade'??hippies, hipsters or funky.

4) I-Like-Martha-Style
These are the moms on the TV shows with the matching sweater sets, pressed khakis and ironed polos. Quite adorable and very respectable.

5) I-Am-Hot-Style
These mama'??s are smokin'?? and dress way cooler than me. I see a lot of these moms in bigger cities with tailored suits, slimming dresses and heels all the time.
Before writing this article, I talked to my teen writers about what makes them cringe or proud when their parents pull-up to school to pick them up. The most popular answers:
Wear clothes that fit you.
Wear clothes that make muffin tops.

Try different hairstyles.
Wear butterfly clips.

Wear 70'??s Vintage.
Wear the actual clothes you wore in the 70'??s.

Wear an old Kiss t-shirt.
Dress like Kiss.

Wear fun patterns.
Wear lots of fun patterns together.

Dress how you would want us to dress.
Dress like us.

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Love it Vanessa, to read more of her uber-helpful tips for raising kids in today's media savvy world be sure to subscribe to her blog, And for all you out there with middle school kids and older, don't miss Vanessa's book.

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