Bakker Made with Love Confounds Us

bakker bag

The problem with falling head over heel for boutique brands? They can be darn hard to find. Case in point? Bakker a small French brand from David and Valérie Bakker. The French duo have a love for designing small and big. That is small in scale, big in style. First came their furniture line, and then after kids came along, they switched gears and start dreaming up clothing. We got whiplash when we saw these super-chic bags at PlaytimeNYC, yet months later we can only find this brand on European sites.

We adore spotting trends and calling attention to the unique, the quirky and the inspired. So I'm going to leave it to up to you lovely readers.

Question 1: Is it frustrating for me to blog about brands that are nearly impossible for you to find with a few clicks of your computer mouse?

Question 2: Will you help as a resource? If you know an online or offline boutique that sells these small brands will you give them a "shout-out"?

As Momtrends grows, we want to make sure we keep the same flavor and flare without ticking anyone off. You feedback is so very important. Please weigh in! And by all means if you know where to get these Bakker Bags and Clothing please share!

bakker flat

Here's why we think this particular brand is worth the hunt. We're keen on the sophisticated and unexpected colors, and soft, handmade fabrics. Everything is infused with a global travel motif.

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