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The YogaMat company was created by founders Karri Jinkins and Ananda Adams. They offer private ashtanga yoga instruction, thai yoga bodywork, and hold annual retreats in exotic locations around the world. Thai yoga bodywork is a perfect complement to an Ashtanga yoga practice. While invigorating and soothing the physical body, the energetic body is also worked according to an ancient healing art brought to Thailand from India, and now making its way to the West.

I recently had the experience of getting a Thai Massage from YogaMat. Having plenty of massages before I've never had "Thai" one before and wasn't sure what to expect. Given the fact, I am also about two weeks before my due date, I thought I was going to have to perform crazy yoga stretches.

Karri, a co owner of YogaMat came to home to perform the massage. She explained to me that "Thai Massages" are considered the "lazy man's yoga", because basically you do not move but you feel as though you have done a yoga practice once you are done. The difference between a regular massage and thai massage is that a regular massage, such as a swedish or deep tissue relaxes the joints while a Thai massage helps to strengthen the body and increase flexibility.

I fully enjoyed my Thai Massage and definitely felt as though my body had a workout the next day. I also told her to feel free about pressing on the "inducing" pressure points and I am not kidding when I tell you contractions started almost immediately after the massage. Although the baby is not here yet, I do believe if the massage continued she might have induced labor. Pretty amazing!

As if Karri and Ananda are not busy enough, they also design yogawear called YogaMat Clothing along with another partner Amber Jung-Devine. YogaMat clothing uses only enviornmentally sensitive fabrics creating comfortable and stylish, non-disposable clothing. Yogamat clothing offers functional yet stylish yogawear for women. Whether traveling, working, exercising, or mothering, women are all craving flattering, and elegant clothing that can take them seamlessly from one place to the next, while still preserving their femininity in this increasingly demanding modern world.

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 Momtrends was not compensated for this post but we did receive a complimentary massage. 

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